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Real Estate

Our roots lie in Real Estate auctioning. Over the years, we have helped many Real Estate agencies to get the best bid for their auction items, which resulted in thousands of transactions with a total value of over 1,3 billion euros.
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The real estate market has no secrets for us when it comes to auctions. In the last 15 years, we have helped several clients upgrade their auctions and organize outstanding hybrid auctions. We combined live auctions with live streams to create a higher volume of bidders, which resulted in higher bids. As a bidder, you get the best of online bidding in the comfortable environment where you want to place your bid. And as a real estate broker, you receive higher amounts for the auction object. 

We have created software that makes you feel like you are actually in the auction room and supports the ascending and descending auction model real estate uses. This is unique in the market of auction software. 

The biggest horse auction platform in the world

Together with Clip my Horse, we shook up the livestock auctioning market. Clip my Horse is used to reaching a large audience with online content; combined with the WeAuction software, they were able to create a large auction platform for their audience and clients.
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Auctioning horses through an online auction platform? Is that even possible? In 2019 we started the partnership with Clip my Horse with an ultimate goal in mind, how can we create an online auction platform that is easy to use, as close to a live auction as possible, and attracts many bidders. 

After a few years of cooperating, we can say that the results are amazing. In 2020 there was a turnover of $ 35 million with buyers from 67 countries. That makes auctions​.clipmyhorse​.tv the biggest auction platform in the world.

Take a look at auctions​.clipmyhorse​.tv

Livestock auctions

With www​.farmersbid​.com we entered the world of livestock auctions. WeAuction is very experienced in creating an auction platform that reaches thousands of bidders. And knows exactly how to create online and hybrid auctions that result in higher bids.
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Farmersbid can add different auction houses or other organizations that want to use an online auction platform with a multi-tenant setup. Within hours we can set up an auction that focuses on livestock. It doesn’t matter what kind of animal it is; we developed our online platform in a way every segment in livestock auctions can use online auctioning. 

Within one week, we organized four auctions specialized in livestock that can accommodate more than 10.000 users per day. Take a look at www​.farmersbid​.com for more information.

Excess Inventory

Get rid of excess inventory by selling it in an online auction. Get the best price for the inventory that you are not using anymore.

For Philips Medical we built a private auction room where they can sell their excess inventory to their preferred distributors. This way they are in full control of their excess inventory… Check: excessinventory​.weauction​.nl