Our Method

We help you set up your auctions


WeAuction had over ten years of experience in auctioning. We know what it takes to set up an auction that delivers results. Let us help you create the best auctions possible. 

We know that the best way to get results is through collaboration. This means we need the best of both worlds; our knowledge of technology, traffic and the auction market, combined with your expertise. That is why we help you from start to finish with your auction platform. 

Our method in 5 steps

Step 1: We built a customized auction environment and connect already existing systems and Excel sheets to the auction environment.

Step 2: WeAuction installs the auction environment. We install the software, and we optimize the internet connection at the auction site. We also install the webcam setup.

Step 3: We test if all features in the setup are working and, if necessary, solve upcoming problems so you are ready for your first auction!

Step 4: Your first auction! We analyse what aspects could be improved by watching how the auction proceeds. 

Step 5: We optimize the auction environment and solve any problems if they occur.