Want to create the ultimate online auction?

How can I organize a high-quality online auction?

WeAuction specializes in real-time bidding by using high-quality real-time video with no delay. We offer a live stream that can easily support 10.000 online bidders. The live stream can simply be combined with a real live auction, so you can have the best of both worlds.

Does WeAuction software fit my auction model?

In the past 15 years, we have developed every possible auction method in WeAuction. You can host your auction online-only, hybrid (live and live stream at the same time), auction by bid or exit. Anything is possible.

Is it possible to add multiple auctions, even organized by our clients?

Yes, this is what makes WeAuction so unique. You can easily create a multi-tenant setup, which allows you to add different auctions in different look and feels. This way, you can set up an auction platform in your industry.

What about my data?

WeAuction is the only software platform that allows you to keep your data. We do not want to take over your data; we want you to be successful in organizing auctions. In terms of security, the software is built by an ISO 27001 certified software company and meets high-level security standards.

Can I connect my platform and/​or website to WeAuction?

Yes, we offer an API connection that allows you to connect to your systems. It is possible to connect to your website and to Google Analytics and Facebook. Do you want a new website for auctions? We can create a website in your brand identity.

What does WeAuction cost?

We use a transparent revenue model in which we charge a monthly fee based on your needs. We match this to your business case so that the investment pays for itself.

The list of features of WeAuction

  • Real-time bidding & live stream video that can support 10.000 online bidders at the same time
  • We have auctioned over 1,5 billion in different industries
  • Supports different auction models like ascending and descending auctions
  • Your data is secure and owned by you
  • Multi-tenant set up
  • Super-tenant (you can add clients to your auction software)
  • User management
  • Deposit management
  • Possibility to create a catalog
  • Create an auction website in your look and feel
  • API connection possible
  • Connection with your Analytics and Facebook
  • Connection to your website

How can WeAuction help?

We have helped multiple industries with setting up an auction model that enhanced their industry and business. Not only do we develop the best software, we are also no stranger to the auction industry and created a future proof strategy.

That is why we focus on a strategic partnership and not just deliver software. We like to work together as partners and discuss technical solutions, marketing, and user management. How can we create auctions that bring value to your business and its target group?

Take a look at our portfolio to find out which industries we helped create more traffic and value.