Our story

We find solutions 

Our team consists of experienced auction experts and software developers. It is our mission to make room auctions more efficient, while preserving the authentic vibe and atmosphere of the room auction. This brings along specific needs and challenges for each different product category that is being sold. With our long-standing experience and specific capabilities we are well equiped to work out the best auction strategy together with our customer.

Paul Rijk

The first room auction I attended was a real estate execution auction in the Netherlands, back in 2006. When I entered the room, I was surprised by the small number of bidders present, while the properties that were being sold were actually very high in demand on the housing market. I presumed the selling prices of the properties would be negatively affected by the limited demand in the room, as bidding was not possible from outside.

I decided to do further research on the actual selling prices of properties sold in the auction room, compared to those on the housing market. The outcome of my research was that the selling prices were actually 37% (!) lower at an auction than on the public housing market (Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal and Trouw: Opbrengst executieveilingen ver onder marktprijs).

I knew that better prices could be achieved if the demand in the room (i.e. the amount of bidders) would be increased and I became dedicated to find a solution to this. That same year I started my own company with the aim to develop an online auction solution that could be integrated with existing room auctions. 


WeAuction is market leader in organizing internet auctions in the Dutch real estate market. We organized more than 1020 auction events with more than 10.000 objects sold and generated a turnover of more than 1.3 billion euro. Since the beginning of 2018 WeAuction has been active in the horse auction market. This year we auctioned more than 1000 horses with clients as: De Limburgse Veulenveiling, Veulenveiling Prinsjesdag, Flanders Foal Auction, FoalAuction 111, BWFA, Belgian Warmblood and Horseman.