8 April 2021

3 reasons online auction are here to stay (even in a after-pandemic world)

And 3 things you should be aware of when you’re organizing online auctions

Even before COVID-19 was in our world, I was interested in online auctions. In 2008 I was already researching the possibility of creating more transparent auctions by adding online components. Ok, technically it was more difficult than nowadays, but I saw an opportunity and decided to dive deep into the subject.

Now, over 12 years later, online auctions are more relevant than ever in the online industry. And I’ll tell you why they are here to stay and what things you should pay attention to when organising online auctions.

1. The reach is incredible

With online auctions there is no limit to how many bidders you can reach for this auction. Anywhere in the world they can log in and start bidding. Think of the possibilities with this reach. More interesting auctions, more bidders, more volume. 

2. The technique give a real live auction experience

Online auction software has advanced over the last years, so a bidder can get a real live experience from his home. There are multiple ways to ensure the bidding is real time and every bidding model can be built in software. 

3. The auction market gets more transparent

With more bidders online, auctions become more visible and therefore more transparent for bidders. No dodgy rooms and shady pricing. Everything is out in the open en is accessible for every kind of bidder. 

3 things you need to be aware of

But it’s not all fun and games in the online auction world. Not knowing how to set up a good online auction can cause difficulties. So here are some things you need to know before starting an online auction. 

1. Make sure you online software is flawless

Ok, that one is very obvious. But we have seen online auction software that didn’t perform during an auction. And that makes it very difficult for online bidders to trust the software and do some bidding. Make sure your online auction software is good with large numbers of bidders within a small amount of time, or you will lose your audience. 

2. Keep an eye on your data

A lot of auction software is not transparent about the data they collect. They hide the fact they own your data if you use their software. At first, you probably don’t know it and it doesn’t bother you, but when your online auctions grow it is essential you own your own data. 

3. Do the math, does it help your business.

Be critical of the fees and licenses you need to buy for using the software. Do the math, ask references and make sure you still earn some money by organising online auctions, instead of just paying the software supplier. 

So, just a few tips and tricks from our hand based on our experience the last 10 year. We have used this experience to create the ultimate auction software. Take a look at www​.weauction​.nl for more information, or send us an email or a Direct Message.