Increase your auction revenues

Our real-time auction technology transforms your room auction into a worldwide marketplace

We provide our customers with an online auction solution to sell their products to the highest bidder worldwide


We bring the experience and excitement of a room auction to your online bidder

With a proven track record: we’ve auctioned more than $1.3 billion in high‑value items
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What is happening at WeAuction
19 March 2020

Online auctions as an alternative to live auctions

Live Auction Software that brings your auction to a worldwide audience. Supported with real-time videostreaming
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18 March 2020

Circular entrepreneurship mainly requires doing

Automate your sales processes with our online auction platform – maximizing asset recovery and increasing revenues.
12 March 2020

Horse Auctions

By adding online bidding to your live auction you extend the live experience to outside the auction hall.

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